Decrease your exposure time

Hackers attack minutes after a new vulnerability is published. Alertot helps to decrease exposure time in organizations notifying new issues when they are disclosed. Don't wait for updates, stay one step ahead and track your vulnerabilities continuously and early.

A complete suite of services
to keep your assets under control

Early notification of vulnerabilities

We go one step ahead in security. Receiving information early, security teams can be better prepared to defend their position from attackers. It’s not only about getting information of known issues, we search for new ones analyzing data from multiple sources continuously, notifying and helping your organization to solve them.


Vulnerabilities are not just a number of known problems, you need to take actions to solve them. Alertot helps your organization to remediate those issues even if they are not patched by the vendor, developing and implementing WAF mitigations, or other specific solutions

Ethical Hacking

Pentesting and security assessment on demand. More than 10 years of experience in security give us the expertise to handle projects of different sizes, securing infrastructure and websites.

Detect early, detect faster.

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